What we offer

Premium Online Test Features for free

VgyanHub offer a list of Premium feature for free at its testing Platform Such as, Tab Change Prevention, Certifications and a lot others features, do read all features to know more, we can bet that you cannot find any such Platform/website with these free features

Secure Environment of Exam

VgyanHub is build around state of the arts features so that your online test result will remain credible and Cheat free, because with the features like Copy Prevention and Tab change Prevention with full screen exam window they cannot use the computer to copy and search on the web for the results.

Flexibility of use

VgyanHub online free test platform can be used for many purposes such as recruitment test, certification test, class test, practice test and much more just explore your needs and apply our free online test platform.

Ease of Use

VgyanHub Premium platform has been made for ease of use for all level of user i.e for test creators, test candidates and for super admins too, You can upload your test, use our free sample tests and can easily generate the test questions to start a test, and just share the link given to share the test link to the test candidates

Fast and reliable

VgyanHub is uses cloud hosting and state of the art coding so that it takes less time to load the test on various browsers, and provide a uptime reliability of your test of almost 100%, a feature never offered by any Free online test platform in the world

2 hours Customer Support

VgyanHub customer support team is basically a team of developers who love to code for the people, we provides a robust customer support which almost replies within 2 hours of your query.

Paid Exams

VgyanHub offers a great feature where you can sell your test, a candidate can appear to the test after a payment of fees set by you at backend.

Certification Exam and Certificate issues in PDF

VgyanHub free online test platform have a premium feature where you can issue a pass certificate or your university diploma in few clicks, with preset passing marks at your back end, a user/candidate can download the certificate in pdf format from their dashboards

Test Creator

Coming soon,it is a VgyanHub free premium features where user can set the exam test paper with in a click from question bank as per marks and difficulty settings in Admin dashboard. You can preview and start your test immediately after the settings

Question and answer revolver

Coming soon, The VgyanHub test features lets you revolve the test questions so that every test candidate will see different questions in a given serial, and options serial will also change for every candidates.

API integration with your site

Coming Soon

Customization of exam URL

Coming Soon

Upload/Download options

This Premium online features enables you to upload Test questions/ download the results summary and more reports.

Super admin/Admin/User options

VgyanHub online free test also have the feature of Super admin,Admin and Users account.